Your computer has been infected!

Your documents, photos, databases and other important files encrypted
To decrypt your files you need to buy our special software - 0xi4az6e-Decryptor
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0xi4az6e-Decryptor costs

Time is over
* If you do not pay on time, the price will be doubled
* Time ends on May 16, 14:54:58
Current price
0.30081728 BTC
2,400 USD
* Amount in BTC will be recalculated in 3 hours with an actual rate.

Bitcoin address: 3BQpUTX6sNUrAkGcyKgj2Xa2wXrJzKCbj2

How to decrypt files?

You will not be able to decrypt the files yourself. If you try, you will lose your files forever.

To decrypt your files you need to buy our special software - 0xi4az6e-Decryptor.

* If you need guarantees, use trial decryption below.

How to buy 0xi4az6e-Decryptor?
  1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet (we recommend
  2. Buy necessary amount of Bitcoins. Current price for buying is 0.30081728 btc
  3. Send 0.30081728 btc to the following Bitcoin address:

    * This receiving address was created for you, to identify your transactions

  4. Wait for 3 confirmations
  5. Reload current page after, and get a link to download 0xi4az6e-Decryptor
Trial decryption

Upload your file for test 0xi4az6e-Decryptor.

* This file should be an encrypted image. Example

  • your-file-name.jpg.0xi4az6e
  • your-file-name.png.0xi4az6e
  • your-file-name.gif.0xi4az6e

* This file should be an encrypted image.