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You probably already know about us. Many publications call us Sodinokibi.

If you've read them, you know that our Ransomware is different in its technology and reliability.

We've developed the best data encryption and decryption system available today.

Our competitors allow themselves to lose and destroy their victims' data during the encryption or decryption process, making it impossible to recover the data.

We don't allow ourselves to do that.

So you should be glad you were infected by our guys, not our competitors. This means that when you pay for the decryption, you can be sure that all your data will be decrypted.


You can read the publications about us. For example, this one:

This edition explores Ransomware and makes comparisons. This article describes the 100% probability of data recovery via Sodinokibi software.

You can search for other publications about us on the Internet and once again make sure of our warranties.

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